I am setting out today to start a blog which eventually I want to add a podcst to go with. 

I originally thought to just blog about my fiber and the pursuit of happiness thru fiber and fibery crafts. 

This will be a large part of the blog but I think some of life and the life experiences I have would go well in this, because be honest, is your life only about the yarn and the things you make with them?

Mine isn't.

My life involves growing up, my husband, my kids, my grandkids, my life before all of them and my life I still have to live.

What about you?

I hope and pray that I will have interaction here. I want to hear from you. Comment; good or bad towards what I write, how does it resonate with you, or not. 

What do you want to hear about? What is it like raising a grandchild? What is a Montana winter like? Or a Florida summer? What is it like raising the animals who produce the fiber that I process?

These questions and many more to come.

Hope you will join me for little insites, long rants, maybe a laugh or a tear, who knows.

Thanks for reading