Yeah I know not much of this blog as of yet is per the fiber industry.

But as a Wife,Mom of 3 and Grandma of 3, there tends to be more to my life than just fiber.

Since I was a vendor at Vogue Knitting in MInnesota last November then NYC in January of this year, and the total of all expenses was not met neither were my expectations of the venue. (I had never been to any VKL).  It has truly knocked the wind out of my fiber life, dying, selling, even knitting. 

I still have creative moments and want to create something, but then it flies out of my head or I get the feeling of total disappointment of where is this going? Is it truly going anywhere? What do I want out of this? Will anyone really like this? 

This of course is my head, but now the time to dig myself out of it and move forward is here and I am still stuck. Does this resonate with anyone?

Is anyone out there?